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Forum Constitution & Designation

The Constitution was approved by a Special General Meeting of the full Forum on 2nd October 2019, amending an earlier version from July 2019.

MNF applied to RBWM on 6th October 2019 for "designation" of its proposed neighbourhood plan area and to be the body responsible.  The Qualifying Statement provides the supporting justification.

Data Protection Policy

RBWM's public consultation on MNF's application for Designation opened on Monday 25th November 2019 and ran until 6th January 2020.  You can look at a summary of the responses here.

Update: Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum has continued to develop in the intervening three months since the application for Designation was made.  We submitted a factual statement of activity as part of the consultation to assist RBWM in making a decision based on up-to-date information.  Progress update.

Update 2: Designation was refused by RBWM on 6th February 2020  You can read a post analysing the stated reasons.

Meeting minutes

Public consultations

MNF makes submissions to relevant public consultations.

Transport for the South East (TfSE) is a sub-national transport body (STB) seeking statutory designation.  RBWM is represented indirectly on TfSE via the Berkshire Local Enterprise Body (LEP), which in turn controls the Berkshire Local Transport Board. MNF's Getting About topic group prepared this Consultation Response on behalf of MNF.  Maidenhead finds itself on the periphery of TfSE's area and we cannot see evidence of joined-up strategy-making with the adjacent STBs.

MNF made a submission to the public consultation on its own Designation.  The purpose was to provide a progress update since the original application had been made.

RBWM ran a consultation on the Borough Local Plan - Revised Version  which closed 15th December 2019.  The Forum agreed the following submission at its meeting of 4th December.  MNF Response

Public documents

The Berkshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Feb 2016 is the study which establishes 712 dwellings per annum as RBWM's objectively assessed need (OAN). 398 pages.

Tall buildings: RBWM commissioned a strategy exercise but these are not enforceable policies

Forum Administration


Site Allocations

Borough Local Plan proposed site allocations map


  1. The first MNF survey (18th-25th November) was to inform our response to the Borough Local Plan consultation and yielded over 300 responses. The survey is now closed.  Read the initial analysis.
  2. Survey 2 was concerned with the hard choices to be made when siting 8,000 new dwellings in and around Maidenhead.  It ran 9th-17th December and is now closed. Results
  3. Survey 3 Getting Around in Maidenhead (8th-20th January 2020) yielded an unprecedented 368 responses - thank you. Results. 176 people left comments which are made available in an Appendix.


This document is designed to help people understand the planning application (ref 20/01251/OUT) recently submitted by Areli to demolish and build a new development on the site of what is now the Nicholson’s Centre and multi-storey car park in Maidenhead.

It’s a “hybrid application”, so part of it is detailed (with measurements and specifications) but another part is for “outline planning permission” with details held back till later.

The documents are all available to view at the RBWM planning website on this link: https://publicaccess.rbwm.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QB8OO2NI0C000

There are 250 documents in the file, but they are listed randomly and vary widely in importance. For example, one might show what the development could look like visually, while another might be an email from a local business asking for information.

If you click on the tab at the webpage which says Documents, the list below should help you navigate to find the information you want.

There is also a tab marked Comments, for which you must be logged in to the site.

Document name


Content Notes
Landscape Strategy
Landscape Strategy Part 1 1 Introduction & purpose

2 Context – historical, biocultural

The overall idea
Part 2 3 “Masterplan Analysis”

Local green spaces, microclimate, wind, shade drawings & maps

Part 3 3.2 Scale comparison, pics and maps of comparable spaces & squares

3.3 Square’s design for different uses e.g markets, concerts, social

Part 4 4 Character and vision for different areas of the project
Part 5 4 cont’d The Yards, podiums, roof terraces, character
Part 6 4 cont’d Section view of site aspects Shows outlines of buildings in context in section (= sideways on)
Part 7 5 Public open space, podium spaces, servicing spaces
Part 8 5 Use of materials e.g. paving
Part 9 5 Ditto, paving & furniture
Part 10 5 Lighting and planting
Part 11 5 Trees for biodiversity, heritage etc
Part 12 5 Detail on planting, biodiversity
Environmental  Statement    
Non-technical summary (55pp) Summarises main environmental issues analysed and conclusions 3-page MNF summary  available here
Design and access statement Broad overviews of the vision
1 Site context Site history, constraints, planning context
2 Design evolution How the plan evolved, consultations
3 Nicholson Quarter Overall vision, maps Visually helpful
4 The Masterplan 4.1 “Townscape Narrative”

Design principles, building heights and rationale,

The most visual depiction of what the town centre might look like
4.2 Key spaces; routes for pedestrians; focus on individual spaces in the plan at street level Spaces depicted with no roofs/towers, street level only
5 Not available
6 Not available
7 Not available