Relaunch news


Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum (MNF) has recently been established to continue the work undertaken since 2013 by Maidenhead and Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (MCGNP). Unlike Cox Green Parish Council, there is no elected body representing the seven wards of Maidenhead as a distinctive community; it cannot be done properly just at a Borough-wide level.  So the legislation requires a special-purpose Forum be set up to develop the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Maidenhead.

A non-elected Forum still must earn its mandate from the public.  We seek new members / representatives who are interested in the future of their town to help gather ideas, research the evidence and develop planning policies.  The resulting NP for Maidenhead will sit alongside the Borough-wide Local Plan (BLP) being developed by RBWM.  With a NP in place, the Forum can determine how and where 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), paid by developers, will be spent.

As a “new” forum, we must sort out a great many administrative matters before applying for Designation.  We aim to be ready by mid-October.  However, we have already been awarded a central government grant to get started and a technical support package from approved consultants.

A new management team was established in August 2019.  The Forum is now setting up several clearly defined groups to tackle the work, and we are seeking members for every one of them. Expertise in planning policy is not required but a genuine interest in a topic area is essential. We will use a mixture of face-to-face meetings, leafleting and digital methods to enable the public to participate, and aim to roll these out during September.

Please explore the website to discover more about what neighbourhood planning involves and how we plan to approach the task.