Privacy Policy

Who we are

The organisation is Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum. Our website address is: https://mnf.org.uk.

MNF is an unincorporated community body. The MNF constitution, when finalised, will be added here.


On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, replacing the current Data Protection Act.  The legislation allows the Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum [“MNF”] to collect and process personal data if:

  • we have the consent of our members to hold personal data
  • we can demonstrate that the holding of such data is in the legitimate interest of MNF.

To satisfy this requirement, this Privacy Policy will be adopted by MNF with immediate effect.

Information we collect

Prospective members of the Forum and followers are asked to complete an online or hard-copy Sign-up Form which asks for:

Full Name, Full Postal Address, Preferred telephone Number and Email address and includes:

  • a question as to whether the individual would like to be a Full Member or simply to be kept in touch with the work of MNF
  • a declaration that I have received and read this Privacy Policy.

During the normal course of MNF business, other stakeholders and individuals will either contact MNF or be contacted by MNF.  All such contact information, being normally name, email address and/or telephone number will be retained.

How we use your information

We use the information solely to communicate with Forum Members and others to ensure that MNF is run to the satisfaction of and wholly in the interests of all interested stakeholders in the community.

Sign up

Members and followers can sign up either online or on a paper form. Online sign-up uses Mailchimp to manage subscription and un-subscription, with a form embedded in the MNF website. Paper-based signups with an email address are transferred to Mailchimp, otherwise retained in Excel.

Email addresses

The preferred choice of communication is by email.  The Committee believes that the most probable risk of personal data loss relates to the careless use of email addresses and/or hacking by third parties.  To minimise this risk, the Committee has agreed that all general distribution emails will be via Mailchimp.


The MNF website makes use of essential Cookies.  Neither MNF nor the hosts of this website records usage and does not undertake any analysis of website usage involving personal data.

How we share your information.

No personal data will ever be given to third parties.  In the event of such a request being made, it will always be referred back to the individual member concerned.

Our website designer has access to the list of Forum Members and has separately agreed not to use this data for any purpose other than in maintaining the said website.

Length of retention

All personal data will be retained for as long as the individual either remains a Forum Member or has a valid reason to be connected with the MNF.

In the case of Forum Members leaving or resigning:

  • hardcopy format:all records will be maintained
  • digital format:  Members and followers are responsible for their own Un-subscription via the tools provided. Records will be purged from Mailchimp on an annual basis.

Change of personal data

The sign-up form allows for personal information to be self-updated by the member or follower.  If a Forum Member or other contact wishes to exercise their right to view the information which we hold relating to them they should contact MNF by email at secretary@mnf.org.uk.

MNF Committee – 6th September 2019