May 2020: designation refused

In February, we were advised that designation for our group had been refused by James Carpenter, who was Interim Head of Planning at RBWM, meaning that we could not proceed to the next stage and put forward planning policies. The reasons given for the refusal were largely about whether the group was representative of the area, and the size of the area (full text of Mr Carpenter's refusal letter is here).

Following discussion, the Management Committee decided to pursue designation from the borough, which now has a new Head of Planning Adrien Waite (LinkedIn page here).

Of course, progress has been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, like much else. However, the AGM which our constitution requires was held remotely in early May, with members asked to approve officers, and offer a point of view on the future of the project.

The officers are now:
Andrew Ingram (Co-Chair)
Ian Rose (Co-Chair)
Bob Beauchamp (Treasurer)
Andy Woodcock (Secretary – reappointed)

Judith Littlewood, David Dyer, Mark Fessey and Martin McNamee also joined the management team.

The members’ message about next steps was very clear, with many emphasising that the group must pursue re-designation.