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Recording notable buildings

A data capture tool for use in the field

Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum is gathering a list of "notable" buildings and features (e.g. street furniture) that are not listed nationally by Historic England. The local list carries less weight than the national listing but will encourage developers and planners to "pause for thought" when proposing changes.

Please visit the website to learn more about the project and the criteria for we are looking for.

This is a tool to use in the field using your smart phone (or at home afterwards) to submit possible candidates.  You will have the opportunity to edit your submission later or withdraw it.  Everone's suggestions will be collated and reviewed by a committee of local people and conservation experts before being added to the formal list.

Record a new candidate building or feature

When using this tool, we ask you to supply a nickname for each entry to help identify you.  Let us know by email to which nickname you use.

The location of each building is important.  Please mark it on the map and provide the address (if applicable) i.e. name/number and street.  Postcode is not required. 

Please add one or more photos, but do not trespass on private property to capture them.

In the final text area, please explain why you think it might be a candidate.  Point our any features or historical associations.

Enjoy exploring Maidenhead!


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Please add a few notes about why this building could be a candidate.  You will be able to extend your notes later on the MNF website.