From the new co-Chairs

Firstly, we would like to thank the outgoing chair Matthew Shaw, and his predecessor Martin McNamee for their work over the previous year.  Martin kindly offered to "hold the fort" after the group was forced to split from Cox Green, the chair at that time being from Cox Green. Matthew then took the reins to re-establish as Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum. His hard work is much appreciated, and especially his initiative on e-surveys, which reached a much wider and more representative group than we had done before. The information is a vital input to guide our work, and we intend to continue research based on his example.

With a clear direction from the AGM to seek re-designation, we and the new management team will take this on board. Under current coronavirus restrictions progress will inevitably be slower, and we ask you to bear with us during this time. For difficult topics face-to-face meetings are essential, and we need to be sure that RBWM is ready and willing to engage with us before starting. The council has an unenviable list of statutory duties all of which must be difficult during lockdown, and we need to be aware of their priorities. But Neighbourhood Planning should not drop off the bottom of the list for RBWM's newly-appointed Head of Planning.

In the short term the new management team will establish our internal priorities and make progress where we can. Thank you for your continued interest and the encouraging rate of replies and comments at the e-AGM.

Ian Rose & Andrew Ingram