Designation application

Our Designation application has gone in

And the Head of Planning at RBWM has acknowledged its receipt.

It's an important step on the journey

A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) gives local people the opportunity to develop planning policies for their area.  They are enforceable but, of course, have to be consistent with national planning guidelines and the Borough’s local plan as adopted.  Having a NP in force also means that local people get a say in how the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), paid by developers, is spent.

There can only be one Neighbourhood Plan for Maidenhead.

There is no elected body in Maidenhead, such as a town or parish council, to produce it.  That's why a grassroots group - Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum - has been established. We're all unpaid volunteers with an interest in how our town develops.

Declaration: The Forum has limited government funding to pay for services whilst the Forum gets established.

Who decides?

How is it decided that MNF is the right group to do this work?

We have applied to RBWM for "Designation", and the council leadership will decide.  Beginning in the next few days, there is a period of consultation lasting six weeks before RBWM make their decision where residents, local workers and business owners can comment .

The application covers two things:

  • The neighbourhood plan area
  • The credentials of MNF to produce the plan.

The Plan Area cannot cover the whole conurbation of Maidenhead because Cox Green and Bray/Holyport have civil parish councils to produce their own NPs.

You can read the Qualifying Statement that makes our case.  It contains some interesting data about Maidenhead that may be new to you!

There's work to be done

Lots of it.  And now is the time to get stuck in whilst we await RBWM's decision.

We want to get the NP drafted by mid-2020, which is very swift. We're sending this email to everyone on our contact list, some being full Forum members, others to keep you informed, encouraging you to participate as much as possible.  There will be surveys to fill in, focus groups and exhibitions to attend, research to do.

Please sign up if you haven't already done so.  Let us know whether you want to help with the work and the topics that interest you most, or just be kept informed.