We had to put in a Freedom of Information request to gain access to the consultation responses concerning MNF's application for Designation.  We took the opportunity to ask for the responses to Cox Green's consultation too, because these were still unavailable on the consultation portal after eight months.

The FoI request was successful.  You can access the responses directly via the RBWM Consultation Portal.

We did not ask about a further relevant consultation, entitled BLPSV - Incorporating Proposed Changes - October 2019.  The responses remain unavailable.

A summary of the consultation responses is shown below.  Statutory consultees can acknowledge that they have considered the question but have "No comment" to make.

Maidenhead Cox Green
Support 11 6
Comment 1 5
No comment 4 3
Oppose 0 0
Total 16 14

Selected responses can be accessed as PDF files by following the links below; otherwise, use the portal

Group Name Maidenhead Cox Green
Civic Group Boulters CIC Support
Civic Group CAMRA Slough Windsor & Maidenhead Support
Civic Group Maidenhead Civic Society Support Comment
Civic Group Maidenhead Waterways Support
Civic Group Maidenhead Neighbourhood Forum Support
Civic Group RBWM Climate Emergency Committee Support
Individual Andy Woodcock Support
Individual David Maskell Support
Individual Deborah Mason Support
Individual Ian Rose Support
Politician Cllr Phil Haseler Support
Politician Cllr Ross McWilliams Support
Politician LibDems Support
Politician Theresa May Support
Landowner Berkeley Strategic Land Support Support
Landowner FPM Comment
Public consultee Highways England No comment No comment
Public consultee Historic England Support
Public consultee National Grid Comment Comment
Public consultee National Trust Comment
Public consultee Runnymede BC No comment
Public consultee Sport England Comment
Public consultee Surrey County Council No comment
Public consultee Transport for London No comment No comment
Public consultee Wokingham BC No comment